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The Memorial Process...

The question we often get asked is "what is the process for arranging a headstone or tablet for our loved one's grave", so here is a basic list of steps required, although there are many exceptions to this, so please just get in touch. We look forward to your enquiry and being of service to you.

1. Get in touch

Call us to arrange an appointment. We can either visit in the comfort of your own home, or alternatively arrange a meeting at our showroom / office.

2. Decisions

There are many decisions you will need to make, but we are here to help and advise so please don't hesitate to call us.

3. Quotation

In order to give you a price or quotation, we will need to ask you a few simple questions (as per some of those below). For an estimate, we are happy to provide this over the phone, however the final price will depend on many factor's which is why it's always best to meet face to face, either here at our showroom/office or in the convenience of your own home.

Note - some churches / graveyards have strict restrictions on what they will allow and we would be happy to advise on this.

a. What are your requirements ? ie do you need :- a headstone, tablet, memorial or grave ? Do you have a preference on the material eg Granite, Marble, Stone ?

b. What lettering would you like on your memorial ?
We have a page of sample inscriptions to help you. Also, visiting a graveyard will help with idea's and options.

c. What colour, style and size of lettering would you like on your memorial ?

d. Would you like to include a design or motif on your memorial. Depending on the size, shape and material (eg Granite or Marble) we can provide a memorial that includes a favourite symbol, from flowers, to animals or your own bespoke design.

e. Is a vase required. What size, shape and colour ?

f. would you like a memorial photograph of your loved one ?

To assist with all the above, we have a comprehensive brochure available showing every possible option. You can either collect this from our office / showroom during normal opening hours or we can drop it off at your home address and leave it with you to view at your leisure.

4. Permit

Once we have provided a quotation and you are happy to proceed, we will need to contact the church / graveyard to check and confirm that your requirements are acceptable and that you are the grave owner.

An application form for a permit will need to be submitted (an additional fee to be paid in line with cemetry/church regulations) as this is required for us to erect your memorial. We have a standard application form, which we will complete with you, or on your behalf, and this will require your approval and signature in due course.

5. Approval

Following completion and approval of the above, we will ask you to sign an order form after which we will then be able to confirm a delivery / fitting date.

If you have any special design requirements, we will provide a "proof" confirming everything and once approved will go ahead, order the raw material ie Granite or Marble and look to get your memorial ready for fitting and placement as soon as possible.